Our aims

Our aim is to secure a comprehensive education service to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and to promote lifelong learning, based on equality of opportunity with access to excellent provision for all ages, within which compulsory education is free, well-resourced and organised and governed within a local democratic framework.

SEA Scotland believes in locally accountable community schools – both primary and secondary. We view our schools as successful and popular expressions of our values. Scottish Labour should champion our high performing comprehensive system and continue to support and challenge education authorities and schools.

Simply put, we are for:

  • a single, broad and inclusive framework for the curriculum
  • a comprehensive wraparound model of education ensuring that all children and family services support parents and carers
  • targeting resources to reduce inequalities and promote achievement
  • placing inclusion and equal opportunities at the heart of education provision taking account of neruodiversity and improving support for all
  • promoting the development of local authority frameworks and partnerships providing strong local support and oversight of all educational establishments

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