Scottish Labour Party motion 2023

Our motion to the Scottish Labour Party Conference sought to end the centralisation of education policy under the present SNP Government.

The motion was passed and becomes party policy. The motion featured within the section of the conference “The change our young people need”. in that sense it complements the motion was passed about social and emotional wellbeing of our children and young people from 2022.

The change our young people need

Conference calls on the Scottish Labour Party to commit to reversing the increased level of centralisation of education policy, budgeting and control by SNP administrations.

Conference believes to reduce the over-centralised control of educational budgeting and policy making that action must be taken, calls for the Scottish Labour Party to arrange to

•           secure greater devolution of increased budgets to local education authorities

•           ending bureaucratic and remote regional collaboratives that command from the top rather than lead from the middle

•           promote strategic educational policy making and innovation on a collaborative basis among local schools within their local communities,

•           end the central funding of grant-aided education in all forms and link the remaining central grant-aided provisions to local authorities.

•           eliminate all forms of central and local state support to private schooling including ending their “charitable” status.

Submitted by Socialist Education Association Scotland

You can view our delegate Margaret Houston proposing the motion on the SLP conference YouTube channel at 5.00.00