SEAS motion to Scottish Labour Party Annual Conference 2022

At our recent meeting we proposed a motion on improving social and emotional learning and mental health and well being in our education system in the light of the impact of the pandemic.

“Conference notes the continual reductions in local authority budgets by the SNP Government and their impact on schools, colleges and education centres across Scotland.¬†

The failure to prioritise the social, mental and emotional wellbeing of staff, students, children and young people has contributed significantly to continual schooling loss during the pandemic. 

Conference commits to renewing  our education system by placing greater priority on the well being of staff and children and young people and providing environments that will secure physical, social and mental wellbeing in our schools and centres. 

To that end Conference calls on the Scottish Labour Party  to aim to ensure inclusive and equitable education for all by 

  • Ensuring comprehensive support for social and emotional learning including universal provision of counselling services
  • Encourage education authorities to promote neighbourhood and school-based solutions to ensure family engagement¬†
  • End assessment based on high stakes final examinations
  • End the digital divide that exists across Scotland.¬†”